• Meet you on arrival

• Smoking is not allowed in the house. We request that you smoke outside if necessary. Use an ashtray outside (it is on the table near the fence).

• It's wonderful to listen to music, but think about the neighbours. After 22.00 enjoy the peace.

• Candles, cozy. But don't leave it unattended.

• Igniting an open fire, other than in barbecues or in the appropriate devices, is not permitted.

• We do not have a barbecue at the house for hygienic reasons. Of course you can barbecue on your own barbecue.

• Guests are welcome. It is not allowed for your (day) visit to stay overnight, without our permission and knowledge.

• Our house is exclusively intended for recreational purposes. It is not permitted to use the house other than for what it is intended for, i.e. not intended for celebrating parties in the broadest sense of the word.

• Use and occupancy by a maximum of 4 persons. This does not include a child up to a maximum of 2 years old, using the available cot.

• Hanging garlands by means of adhesive tape, tape, double-sided adhesive tape, nails, thumbtacks, etc. are not allowed.

• It is not allowed to take bed linen and other linen outside.

• Indoor furniture must also remain inside the house, please leave chairs etc. inside.

• Please do not move the beds. If you would like to make a double bed from the 2 single beds, please contact us.

• For safety reasons, the linen cupboards in the bedrooms are fixed, so you cannot move them.

• If you have made damage or breakage, please be so polite and report it to us.

• We cannot be held liable for: damage and/or injury resulting from a stay on our site.

We cannot accept liability for noise nuisance, nuisance etc. experienced during the stay in and around our home caused by third parties in the broadest sense of the word.

We cannot be held responsible if facilities break down during your stay. However, we will do our utmost to have repairs, repairs or replacements carried out as soon as possible and provide a solution that also satisfies you.

• If the above rules are not observed, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures.

We will report the loss or alienation of our property to the police.

What do we ask of you on departure:

• Remove the used linen from the beds and put it in the laundry basket in the storage room, as well as the other linen.

• Dishwasher/garbage can/refrigerator must be empty before departure. Would you like to turn off the fridge when you leave?

• Leave dishes clean in the cupboards.

• Lights off.

• Deposit household waste in the appropriate containers. (More on this in general information).

• For those who do not leave the house according to our house rules, we are forced to charge extra cleaning costs.